SEN-13. Camino del Contrabando
Distance:  15.110 Km Circular:  Yes IBP:  43 Start:  Castromil
Recommended For:  Amateurs Finish:  Castromil
Physical Difficulty:  Medium Technical Difficulty:  Low Gradient :  201 Gradient :  208
Total Time:  4:00 h Moving Time:  3:00 h Asc Time:  1:11 h Desc Time:  1:20 h
Max Cota:  1100 Min Cota:  970    
Type Land:  Pista y camino carretero Landing:  100.00 % Asphalt:  0.00 % Trail:  0.00 %
Camino del Contrabando
Breakdown Km:
      Km % Hours  
 10 to 150.070.4800:00:48 
 5 to 100.895.8900:10:58 
 2 to 55.0033.0801:00:04 
 -2 to 22.4316.0800:29:01 
 -5 to -25.6837.5801:08:35 
 -10 to -51.016.6800:12:03 
 -15 to -100.030.2100:00:04 
  Total:  15.11 100.00 03:01:33  
Desglose Km Camino del Contrabando
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Location:  Castromil
Summary Populations:   Castromil
Places of Interest:  Museo de contrabando en Moimenta

Route Description:
Description: We go to the village of Castromil in the northwest of Hermisende, we start the tour in the square of the Cross of Touza in which is a cruise that receives its name with a source of drinking water but not treated and a place to leave the car. We start the route in a southerly direction, leaving the cruiser behind us, immediately at the first junction we turn to the right a little further down we will begin to enter the traditional road itself, a sign tells us.
Approximately 1,1 km we arrive at a road to the right we go to Castromil Gallego or to the town of Cadavos we have to continue towards our left in the direction of Castromil or San Ciprian, immediately to about 0.1 km leaves a truck to the right Which we must follow. About 3.7 km from Castromil the Penedo del Mozo where one of the landmarks that limit Spain and Portugal, leaving the penedo to our left, about 0.4 km from here and 4.1 km from the town of Castromil we have The Penedo or the Fraga dos Três Reinos, a little before the Fonte dos Três Reinos, to continue with the route we must return to Penedo del Mozo and now leaving it to our right we skirt along the road towards Moimenta.About 7.1 km from Castromil we have to cross the river Ribeira da Anta to enter the village of Moimenta, about 300 m from the bridge and 7.4 km from Castromil the Museum of ContrabandThe return to Castromil we can do it where we came or deviate to our right about 0.6 km from the town of Moimenta which is where we take the track and the route.Approximately 1.4 km from Moimenta there is a path to the right towards a zone of bath and relax known by the Dam in the Ribeira da Anta.Our next objective is the limit of Portugal and Spain and the town of Castromil which is located about 7.9 km from Moimenta. Before Castromil about 6.9 km from Moimenta we have to cross a road to the left leads us to Castromil Gallego or the town of Cadavos, to the right to Castromil or San Ciprian, we go a little to the right as almost immediately From the front of the path where we come, there is a path to the left that we must take. A little before we reached this road junction we started to see the village of Castomil.Once we enter Castromil we continue straight on at the first intersection at the next junction Turn right take us to the Plaza de la Cruz da Touza where we started our tour.

Observations: The traditional way of the Town Hall of Hermisende, can be done at any time of the year looking for the charm of each season. It is a traditional way of access to farms and meadows most enclosed, mount low and some dirt track of recent construction, can be done by foot, by bicycle, horse and all terrain (for motor vehicles consult the environmental norm of area). In this habitat we will be able to see animals like roe deer, wild boar and eagles among others, in summer is a route little fresh, since it runs in the majority of the sites by open zones of mount low with hardly any trees. This valley is dedicated mainly to the cattle raising reason why the landscape is of low vegetation with little grove. It will take us to the time of the smugglers since it is one of the routes that they had, the museum of contraband of the town of Moimenta would show it to us.

To whom it is directed: It is addressed to everyone who is physically well prepared for the amount of kilometers that this route has. The route is simple but long, suitable for children extreme prepairs somewhere.

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