SEN-20. Lubián - Aciberos - Lubián
Distance:  9.210 Km Circular:  Yes IBP:  69 Start:  Lubián
Recommended For:  Amateurs Finish:  Lubián
Physical Difficulty:  Medium Technical Difficulty:  Low Gradient :  309 Gradient :  311
Total Time:  2:34 h Moving Time:  2:34 h Asc Time:  1:10 h Desc Time:  1:12 h
Max Cota:  1148 Min Cota:  977 Cyclability:  75.00 %  
Type Land:  Pista y asfalto Landing:  77.00 % Asphalt:  23.00 % Trail:  0.00 %
Lubián - Aciberos - Lubián
Breakdown Km:
      Km % Hours  
 15 to 300.131.420:03:22 
 10 to 150.879.450:15:43 
 5 to 101.8219.760:30:34 
 2 to 51.3514.660:20:59 
 -2 to 20.626.730:11:30 
 -5 to -21.6718.130:24:20 
 -10 to -51.7519.000:30:52 
 -15 to -100.788.470:14:08 
 -30 to -150.222.380:03:12 
  Total:  9.21 100.00 02:34:40  
Desglose Km Lubián - Aciberos - Lubián
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9/10 (1 Votes)

Location:  Lubián
Summary Populations:   Aciberos, Lubián
Places of Interest:  Lubián, Aciberos

Route Description:
We drive along the motorway to the town of Lubián, once here we parked where we can and we go to the church square where the route begins, from this square we head east following the Camino de Santiago Sanabrés but in the opposite direction, before Leaving Lubián we find numerous sources of untreated but potable water. At 453 meters from the square where we started the hostel of pilgrims almost at the end of the village, 100 meters below another fountain with a large shell that tells us that we are on the Camino de Santiago, now if we leave Lubián, about 200 meters we will To leave the traditional Way of Santiago to enter in the Road of Santiago provisional as a consequence of the works of the Ave. To 1 km of the beginning we will cross the stream of the Port of the Meda and the river Pedro after this bridge we find a cancilla for the Livestock that we must leave as we find it, 1.4 km from here we find an area with lots of water coming from the Pedro River where they have placed a kind of footbridge to cross the other side. From here and in some area we must follow the roderas, 1 km more extreme precautions as we arrive at a high voltage turret we must pass beneath it, has a kind of cancilla for animals, to open said cancilla take by the area Plastic in case the pastor is on. At about 600 meters we find a junction on the right a tunnel that crosses the A-52 motorway where the Camino de Santiago Sanabrés comes we go left towards Aciberos. About 660 meters from here we cross the river Leira, before we had to go through a tunnel of an old road, we only have about 450 meters to reach Aciberos where we can visit an old mill and an oven. We leave from Aciberos to go to Lubián by the Sanabrés Way of Santiago, 1 km more or less we cross the Pedro river by the bridge of Xenares and about 340 meters more a tunnel will let us cross below the line of the train, going down to Lubián By areas of riverside forests, ferns and oaks, the sound of the water and the song of the birds will accompany us in most of the remaining sections, 1.5 km from this tunnel we cross the stream of the Med de la Porto , And we are only 900 meters to reach the Plaza de la Iglesia and 450 meters from the pilgrim hostel.

The itinerary goes by pieces of the traditional way of the City of Lubián, pieces of the road of Santiago Sanabrés and tracks, can be done at any time of the year looking for the charm of each season, it is an access road to land, can be done on foot , Horse, bicycle and a part to motor vehicles (for motor vehicles consult the environmental regulations of the area). In this habitat we will be able to see animals like roe deer, wild boar and eagles among others, in summer is an ideal route by the amount of shadows since it runs in the majority of the sites by Closed zones. We will see panoramas of the valleys of the rivers Pedro and Leira, and panoramic views of Lubián, Chanos, Hedradas, Aciberos and Hedroso, this route leaves from the square of the church of Lubián. This area is mainly dedicated to livestock and agricultural exploitation.
It is addressed to the whole world. The route is simple for children, taking precautions somewhere, especially in road areas and streams.

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